Ta-ku has released a beautiful tribute to a man named Trey who recently passed away from cancer, aptly titled, 'ONEFORTREY'. This one is pretty special. Knowing why he made the track just makes this tune all the more significant.


A couple of days ago, Ta-ku wrote a heartfelt status update on his Facebook page about a fan of his that recently passed away from cancer.

Today, the Perth creative has revealed a track that he made last night dedicated to his aforementioned fan, Trey.

Although the track is more upbeat than you would expect, the energy, passion and love that went into the creation is felt throughout. It’s really rather beautiful once you read Ta-ku’s message, then listen to the track (below).

“When Ta-ku recently came out to LA we had the chance to finally meet and connect after years of pure digital connection. Ta-ku by far is an individual (beyond just an artist) who we respect so much as a person aside of his great talents as a musician. In fact, Ta-ku is someone that has pure role model characteristics. Earlier this week, Ta-ku pointed out that we just reached 10K LIKES on our Facebook page and mentioned how he had started on this track that was dedicated to a man named Trey who recently passed away from cancer. Trey was a true Ta-ku and Soulection supporter and in response Ta-ku created this track. So with this story in mind, this one is for Trey! Shouts to Trey, his family, and friends! Make sure to download this and feel the energy.

Do what you love.

I have just one word for Ta-ku: I N S P I R I N G.