Ta-ku: Ginger & The Ghost – One Type Of Dark (Remix)

A little late on posting this tune from Ta-ku, but even though I haven't blogged about it, that doesn't mean I haven't heard and shared it. This has been a favourite of mine to play at the office. Yep, that's right. In the corporate office, we listen to Ta-ku. :) Ta-ku has taken on 'One Type of Dark' from Sydney duo Ginger & The Ghost, approaching the song the same way he has done with many others. This particular remix is impressive though because he doesn't disregard the original but rather, reworks it with his own blend of beats and sounds so that they complement each other.

Ta-ku - Ginger & The Ghost - One Type Of Dark (Remix)

Usually I’m on top of Ta-ku’s new releases, but in all honesty, I’ve spent more time listening to this particular remix over and over again, than actually writing what I thought about it. I love it that much.

Ta-ku’s take on Ginger & The Ghost’s ‘One Type of Dark’ is actually an old tune that he has only recently made available for download. If you’ve listened to his creations in the past, you would have noticed this track being blended into many of his compilations and sets.

“Taking on the otherworldly debut single from up-and-coming Sydney duo Ginger & The Ghost is Academy grad and hard-working beat maestro Ta-ku. Staying with the half-eerie, half-triumphant air of the original, but adding some serious bite with his signature drum assault, Ta-ku leaves his mark on the ominous cut. Dark, light, the real and the imaginary intertwine as two of Australia’s most promising artists collide for this RBMA exclusive.” – Red Bull Music Academy.

Ta-ku‘s production can rarely be faulted. He has the unique ability to keep the original essence of a song, yet flip it to make it sound like something completely different. This is definitely the case with his take on Ginger & The Ghost’s ‘One Type of Dark’.

His signature drum beats have again been incorporated in this remix, but with Missy’s eerie and ethereal vocals from the original, he is still able to create a tune that can only be compared to a mysterious fantasy.

It’s funny though. I’ve always loved the sound of this tune, particularly those 4 seconds from 1.56 to 2.00. I just can’t help but move along to those beats – even though I’m sure it’s just one instrument that’s making those sounds – but it’s truly my favourite part of the song.

And though I’ve always loved the song, I never knew the actual name of the track. Sure, I probably could have asked Ta-ku myself but I never did. Now, it’s finally been revealed and it’s available for download. Score! 🙂 Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.