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The Nike Free has become quite the popular shoe for everyday use and it is also hard to find a better match, if you live an active lifestyle. In fact, Nike asks that you choose a number. A lower number means a lower, more flexible midsole - and a more barefoot-like feel. Intrigued?


Our feet are pretty much the base of every move that we make, and it is therefore incredibly important to train them, just as you would with the rest of your body, right?

“When they’re able to flex, stretch and be themselves, the natural technology we were all born with does what it was meant to do. This is the insight that led to the creation of Nike FREE shoes almost ten years ago and it continues to drive design enhancements today.

Nike FREE is more than just an incredibly flexible shoe. It puts your foot in the perfect position to succeed, then gets out of your way while you do so. In other words, it’s the ideal solution for freeing your potential and unleashing your performance.”

Nike FREE 4.0 - Women's_top

With most other shoes and sneakers in the market today, your feet are restricted to move naturally, but
this is something Nike has changed with the Nike Free, which gives the feet the necessary freedom and flexibility that we all need.

Nike FREE 4.0 - Women's_sole

“This season, Nike Free presents five new styles across running and training – the Nike Free 5.0+, 4.0 and 3.0 in running; the Nike Free TR Breathe for women’s training; and the Nike Free Trainer 5.0 for men’s training.

The idea for Nike Free emerged in 2001, launching years of study, testing and design to make a shoe that delivered the benefits of natural motion while protecting the foot. More than a decade later, the 2013 running shoes retain the well-known flexibility of Nike FREE’s articulated outsole, and introduce three new upper designs for enhanced natural motion:

Nike Free 5.0+: Dynamic Nike Flywire technology provides secure support without added weight.
Nike Free 4.0: Utilizes no-sew overlays and a tongue-wrap fit for stitch-free comfort.
Nike Free 3.0: Nike engineered mesh improves fit and breathability with looser patterns where ventilation and stretch are needed and tighter patterns in areas where support is key.”

3.0, 4.0 and 5.0 are all points on the Free-scale, which points to how much support the models give. Choose a number. 1.0 is the lowest point on the scale and is the equivalent of running barefoot and 7.0 is the highest and provides significantly more support.

Nike FREE 5.0 - Men's

Nike FREE 5.0 - Women's

The Nike Free is designed to be minimalistic and gives you just what you need – no more, no less. The upper is made of mesh-material, which has been perforated where it needs to, but also remained closed in the places where it is necessary. This helps to keep the weight low and give you that wonderful feeling of running barefoot.

If these words don’t grab your attention and make you want to head in store to grab a pair, just check out the flexibility of the soles of the sneakers via these pictures! Damn! Don’t they make you want to just slip your feet into a pair and test them out?

Nike FREE is now available in selected Nike retail stores throughout Australia and online.

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