Jelani: Aaliyah – Rock The Boat (Remix)

21-year-old producer Jelani from Germany is currently working on an upcoming Aaliyah compilation which will be released in early June later this year, and this is the first taste from said compilation. I don't know anyone who doesn't love Aaliyah, and if you're one of those individuals, you should definitely check out this remix of 'Rock The Boat'. Rest In Peace.

Jelani - Aaliyah - Rock The Boat (Remix)

I’ve been receiving a lot of emails lately where up and coming artists have sent me their songs to review. Yesterday, I received a mix of an Aaliyah song that did not receive a thumbs up from me at all. The “remix” was distorted and broken down so much that it seemed as if Aaliyah wasn’t even singing on the track. The energy and spirit of her was completely lost against the remixing. Shame, really.

But this post isn’t about that particular remix. Today, I’m happy to share a remix of Aaliyah’s ‘Rock Your Boat’, by 21-year-old Jelani.

Now this is how you remix a song! It’s a sensual, dreamy, and seductive reinterpretation of one of Aaliyah’s last releases.

During the intro of the tune, parts of the vocals that have been broken down makes Aaliyah sound like Ms Erykah Badu but the angelic voice of Aaliyah has not been lost on us. As the song goes on, Jelani has kept Aaliyah’s original vocals intact over the hard-hitting, bass-thumping beats that surrounds this remix. The synth melodies created just perfectly complements Aaliyah’s gorgeous voice.

What a tune.

Rest in Peace Aaliyah.