Event Review: CARBON Day One (Part Two)

Part Two of Day One of the CARBON festival covers Forum B and a collaborative side event / party with adidas Originals. One was a learning experience. The other was not. Can you guess which was which?

CARBON 2013 - Forum B_Contemporary Art & Design

Taking an hour break for lunch and following on from the first half of the first day, attendees headed back to the Storey Hall for “Forum B: Contemporary Art & Design”. Presented by Hennesey Australia, the Forum welcomed five speakers who have all reached a certain level of talent and success in their careers: Mark Drew, Dabs (and) Myla, Geoffrey Lillemon and Barry McGee.

I’ll admit right off the bat, that as a writer and a creative, and even before I knew I would be helping out at the event, the two Forums that appealed to me the most were A and C. Not that I don’t have an interest in art and photography, but I felt that A and C had more of a direction of what each speaker would be talking about.

With Forum B, it seemed almost spontaneous with most of the presentations. It didn’t seem like there was any structure, or anything that tied it altogether except for the topic of the Forum.

CARBON 2013 - Forum B_Mark Drew

In short? One presentation was not very informative, one was kind of strange, one speaker presented and spoke about the works of others rather than his own, and only one was really prepared throughout it all.

It was a little disappointing, to be honest. If you were there, I’m sure you can match the names to the presentations.

In some ways it was entertaining, but for an event where one is supposed to gain knowledge and insight into the industry, this particular Forum left me feeling a little uninspired. Needless to say, I didn’t write down much notes.

But if you are currently residing in Melbourne, and wasn’t in attendance for the live paint that happened during CARBON week, head down to Knox Lane in Melbourne Central to see the finished work of Forum B speakers DABS MYLA.


That night, as a part of a collaboration party and side event with Adidas, I was asked to work the “Colliderscope” Party at 1000 £ Bend. Wow. What a night.

The concept of the night was actually pretty cool:

“As part of 2013 Carbon Festival, adidas Originals will host a one night only event where guests collide to become artists and the art.

At this event, 600 attendees will be 3D scanned and have the ability to collide
their avatar with other party goers, adidas ambassadors and creative leaders.

To enhance the experience we have invited disruption artist Geoff Lillemon to act as guest curator.

The multi-faceted activation exemplifies the adidas Originals proposition, creates original and shareable content and incorporates consumer participation.

COLLIDERSCOPE celebrates the adidas Originals Collider – an online application at the centre of adidas’ digitally-lead global initiative, “Unite All Originals”.

The adidas ‘Collider’, invites people to dive into a world of original content, featuring collaborative works by international artists from various disciplines who were brought together to collide and create something truly unexpected and unique.”

CARBON 2013 - Adidas Colliderscope Party

Everything was truly in 3D and very interactive. A tequila bar upstairs and a dance floor downstairs with another bar for all your other alcohol needs, I cannot begin to articulate the atmosphere of the party inside. It was a trip, to say the least. A very alcohol-infused trip.

7 hours of being on my feet was not a fun experience though. The first half started off positive as I worked the door and handed out 3D glasses to the guests – both VIP’s and CARBON ticket holders. I was able to see first-hand the organisation and last minute preparation of the event as we waited for guests to arrive to the interactive venue. The extra plus for me was seeing old faces in town that I hadn’t seen in a very long time as they arrived to the front door.

But the second half, I had to switch shifts and that is when exhaustion hit me. Even though I had consumed two cans of Red Bull, it felt like it didn’t really kick in until much, much later in the night. Oh well. The entire event was definitely a learning experience in many areas.

CARBON 2013 - Adidas Colliderscope Party2