Dana Williams: Keep Me Waiting

Singer-songwriter and musician Dana Williams' voice is classic, fresh and free. Daughter to David Williams, and having previously worked with Freddie Gibbs on his track, 'The Hard', this is one voice you must take note of. Check out her first single, 'Keep Me Waiting'.

Dana Williams - Keep Me Waiting

Dana Williams.

The owner of a voice that is so unique, it’s classic and fresh at the same time.

“It seems like you’ve been doing well
Even without me, even without me
Don’t you know I’m around.”

The video is simple, with its use of a classic black and white technique, strongly incorporating the beauty of nature. But it’s that voice that I cannot get enough of! It’s just so playful and sweet.

‘Keep Me Waiting’ comes from Williams’ EP, “The Lonely One”, which is due for release later this month.