City and Colour: Thirst

With a new album out June 4th on Dine Alone Records, Dallas Green aka City and Colour is out with a new single — 'Thirst'. It’s got all of Dallas Green’s signature honesty and heartbreak, but with a real bluesy punch.

City and Colour - Thirst

Ever since Dallas Green came to Australia under the moniker City and Colour and played a show at the the Soundwave festival in 2008, I have been a fan of his music.

Although I’m a big fan of the acoustic songs that he creates, it’s good to see Green change up his sound and go a little bit heavier with this new song. His powerful voice is able to cut through the electric guitars though, and so you still know that you’re listening to a City and Colour song which is what I really love about this track.

City and Colour’s new single, ‘Thirst’ goes to show that Dallas Green is a stand-out songwriter. The song itself is very honest as the lyrics depict the raw pain of heartbreak among bluesy yet punchy beats.

If this is a first taste of his new album, I predict some dark songwriting to come with the tracks that will follow. But there’s nothing wrong with that. Some – if not, most – of the best songs come from the course of a broken heart. And it’s usually those emotions felt when listening to such songs that really get us (well, at least for me personally) going.

City and Colour’s new album, “The Hurry and The Harm”, is due for release on May 31 for Australia (and Germany). The rest of the world will have to wait until June 4.

“You said we were golden, bright like the sun
And now I am stranded
Knowing I’m not the one”