Anastasia Mastrakouli: Naked Silhouette Alphabet

The 26 letters of the alphabet has been recreated via a female's naked body. A nude female model stands behind wet glass and poses to depict each letter, pressing against the surface with some parts of the body while others remain invisible. The resulting images present a physical interpretation of the alphabet, and allow audiences to find a commonality between our physique and our written language.

Naked Silhouette Alphabet

Who says nudity can’t be artistic?

The photographic series by Greek-based student Anastasia Mastrakouli titled “Naked Silhouette Alphabet” is a unique take on the alphabet, formed by the naked body and performance of experimental textures that depict the silhouette.

Naked Silhouette Alphabet_B

Naked Silhouette Alphabet_C

In this series the goal is to highlight the dialectical relationship between anatomy and visual arts.

Each image displays the way in which the body turns into one illustrative and choreographic communication channel of a message. The body is cut off from its physical nature and is perceived as an imprint. The body shape becomes a letter through a deliberately abstract and other-worldly aesthetic.

Naked Silhouette Alphabet_E

Naked Silhouette Alphabet_G

The result is beautiful, ethereal and captivating.

Check out a few of my favourite poses, and head over here for the rest of the letters.

Naked Silhouette Alphabet_L

Naked Silhouette Alphabet_Z