Whisky Winter: Heavy

Whisky Winter is an Australian folk and electronica duo formed in 2012 by Aaron Malone and Matt Bell. Their unique sound blends in both these genres with beautifully haunting vocals from the lead vocalist. Listen to their first single 'Heavy' now.

Whisky Winter - Heavy

I’m really starting to fall in love with this song. Discovered over at Sunset In The Rearview, the lead vocals of Aaron Malone on this track is somewhat haunting against the multi-layered beats and instruments accompanying this tune from his creative half, Matt Bell.

I admit, I was pretty surprised to hear Whisky Winter were from Perth, Australia. Their sound is unique with its blend of electronica, acoustics, and subtle touches of indie pop and RnB. Malone’s voice is so beautiful on this track, it reminds me of when I saw Bon Iver live at the Sydney Opera House last year.

I don’t think I will ever get tired of this one. I’ve hit play so many times on their Soundcloud above, but for those wanting more of a visual hit, check out the video below.

‘Heavy’ leaves me with a heavy heart wanting to hear more of Whisky Winter.