The Neighbourhood: Sweater Weather

New indie-pop band The Neighbourhood are making quite the impression in the music industry with their blend of catchy hooks and diverse mixture of genres and sounds that includes hip hop, indie rock, pop and folk. Sounds interesting, doesn't it? There's a few different versions of this video out online, but the one you're about to see, is the official one so don't get yourself confused. Watch it. Listen to it. Share it. NOW.

The Neighbourhood - Sweater Weather

Getting away from the genre of hip hop and beats that I absolutely adore and will always love, often a song from a different genre brings a refreshing break. This song right here from new band, The Neighbourhood, is the perfect example.

I heard this song a little while back but only just recently saw the video that accompanies this great tune, released earlier this month.

I really dig this song! It’s just so infectiously catchy – as soon as the song starts and the vocals of lead singer/musician Jesse Rutherford come into play. Hip hop-ish vocals that turn haunting in an instant, and organic acoustic guitars are all driven and enabled by a pulsating urban-esque rhythm; there’s even a hint of sampling. I love it.

Hailing from California, the 5-piece band are slowly creeping their way onto the scene with very little known on their identity. I love that angle of mystery that they’re going for. Sometimes all you need is the music to really get to know what the band is all about. In this internet age, bands seem to reveal too much about themselves early on. Who cares about the last meal they ate. We should let the music speak for itself and with ‘Sweather Weather’, it definitely speaks for The Neighbourhood.

As Summer ends down under and we enter the cooler Autumn months, ‘Sweater Weather’ is the perfect song for right now. It’s sure to be a big hit though – no matter what season of the year you’re currently experiencing!

The band’s debut album, “I Love You”, is set to drop April 23. Keep an eye out.