Nino AM: Thoughts of Infinity

Nino AM is taking a step outside of the box that is considered hip hop these days. Call it bedroom music, call it hip hop, call it modern RnB, call it whatever you want, but just know, that this is good music. Check out the smooth single 'Thoughts of Infinity'.

Nino AM - Thoughts of Infinity

My 5 to 9 life usually exists of minimal hours of sleep. Enough hours so that I am able to function the next day for my 9-5 life. And if that doesn’t work, then there’s always the copious amounts of coffee and Red Bull that I’ll consume throughout the day. How I’m not immune to these two beverages at this point in my life is beyond me.

Anyhow, most nights, I’m usually sitting at my usual spot at home blogging/writing/typing away at my laptop whilst simultaneously looking for new music to be the soundtrack to these writing sessions. And my latest find is that of Nino AM. His name probably says a lot already. AM – not necessarily the time you wake up in the morning, but more so the time of night when you’re still awake, those hours just after midnight, when sleep is not yet an option. At least that’s the feeling I get when I listen to his tunes.

His current EP, “Infinite Culture”, is currently up online on his soundcloud for you to listen to, but it’s this particular song, ‘Thoughts of Infinity’ that stood out to me. His vocals laced with the way-too-short piano melody and background beats are so effortless. I have to admit, he’s made quite the impression on me.

This is definitely that bedroom-type music that XXYXX speaks of in Episode Four of the H∆SHTAG$ series. Nino AM’s voice is low and soft, so you have to listen really carefully (or turn the volume way up) to decipher what he’s singing. Definitely thought-provoking stuff.

“When my heart stops will be the end of this.”

Simply put: I’m a fan.