Nike Sportswear: Air Max Project

Nike have teamed up with illustrator and designer Matt Stevens to create a story about the Nike Air Max. The project is called #AIRMAX and goes from the past to the future and tells the evolution of the Nike Air Max in computer-based illustrations, as well as illustrations drawn by hand. Check out the end end result of #AIRMAX.

Air Max Project - Radiant

For over 25 years Nike have been flawlessly combining the forefront of technology and design throughout all of the Air Max styles. With roots planted firmly in sports innovation, the Air Max has gone on to become a cultural phenomenon, making waves in music, art, fashion, and those seeking a vehicle for self-expression. Guilty.

Air Max Project - Speed

Air Max Project - Express

“Last year, illustrator and designer Matt Stevens created a collectible book, titled MAX100, containing 100 visual interpretations of the Nike Air Max 1, or, as he calls it, “the greatest sneaker of all time”.

“Coinciding with the release of the Nike Air Max Engineered Mesh series, Nike further celebrates the reinvention of Air Max by commissioning Stevens to expand on his tribute to the famed sneakers in a project aptly titled #AIRMAX.”

Air Max Project - Red

Air Max Project - Shine

His designs include his own personal inspirations and interpretations along with some of the themes that inspired the original designs.

Check out some of my favourites here and hit up the Nike Sportswear Facebook Page for the complete set of designs.

Air Max Project - Tuned