Kaytranada Ft. JMSN: All We Do

Sometimes life has us a little distracted with little things that we forget what is most important or what really matters. On 'All We Do', Canadian producer Katrynada provides some perfectly blended beats as RnB singer JMSN croons about easily letting someone down because of the simple distractions of everyday life. We've all been there. Off of Kaytranada's recent release, 'Kaytra Todo', listen to 'All We Do' and try to not relate to it.

Kaytranada Ft. JMSN - All We Do

There is so much new music for me to listen to this weekend. Records that I haven’t had time to listen to, records that I’ve slept on, and records that have only been released this week. I’m not complaining though. In fact, I say, ‘Keep it coming’.

I’ve finally been able to give Kaytranada’s latest record, “Kaytra Todo”, a spin (which I know I’m really late on, seeing that it was released late last month), but this is easily my favourite track from it, which also showcases the vocals of JMSN. I was going to write up a review of the entire record, but I figured I’d just do a little write-up on what I believe is the stand-out track from it.

Now I know I haven’t really written much about either of these artists but they’re both very talented and respected in their own rights. Needless to say though, once again it was Aussie beatsmith Ta-ku that put me up on both of these artists but I’m glad he did.

“All we do is run around and lose our focus. We’re all unfocused…”

JMSN has such a soulful voice and the emotions played out in ‘All We Do’ – as well as the lyrical content – spoke volumes to me.

Over the smooth blended beats of Kaytranada, these two artists together definitely make for a magical collaboration. Kaytranada and JMSN need to go back into the studio for a complete collaborative effort. Please. Make. It. Happen.

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