H∆SHTAG$ Episode Five: Don’t Call It #Tumblrwave

Straight up: I'm not a fan of this week's episode. Since the beginning of the web-series, I've been able to take something from each episode and learn a little more about the artists involved or the genre that has been highlighted. But not this week. Disappointing, really. 'In this fifth episode of our H∆SHTAG$ series, we talk with a few of the people that use Tumblr as one of their primary artistic outlets. Why does it work better than Facebook in connecting people? What happens when you can make your IRL dreams a URL reality? And what happens when the mainstream comes knocking?'

H∆SHTAG$ Episode Five- Don’t Call It #Tumblrwave

“Taking to the internet to find like-minded souls is now so widespread it’s almost a cliché. But when you’re a queer rapper or a turquoised-haired punk it makes all the sense in the world. You can curate your own reality using your own art (or reblogging others). Unique voices are celebrated. Just look at how many followers Kilo Kish’s tumblr rap, Le1f’s flamboyant fashion sense and the Sega Genesis-inspired dolphins of seapunk have racked up over the past few years.”

Huh? What the f*ck is seapunk? I’ve never heard of that term/genre before. And I haven’t really heard of the abovementioned artists either. Okay, I have read/seen the name Kilo Kish on a few random blogs before but I never knew she was a artist making music. And anything that was ever written about her, never really attracted me to click on her name to find out more. As for the other two artists featured in this episode, there are more than a couple of ‘wtf?’ moments. Just being honest.

Watch it and you’ll see. You might even agree… (Or disagree. Whatever.)

I’ll be honest: I’m not really happy with the content during this interview. The artists themselves seem like they are still trying to figure out what their sound is. And that’s something, in this case, not really worth blogging about.

Here’s hoping next week’s webisode is better.