Event Review: Fashion Palette Spring/Summer 2013

Last Thursday night, every fashion-loving individual (both girls and guys) was in attendance for the Fashion Palette Runway Show. Held at the Australian Technology Park and celebrating its 5th birthday, Fashion Palette hosted Australia's leading designers showcasing their upcoming Spring collections for 2013.

Fashion Palette 2013

Last Thursday night, I received an exclusive invitation to attend the “Fashion Palette Runway Show” at the Australian Technology Park. I arrived on time (with my workmate in tow), but it seemed that things weren’t running as smoothly inside, because outside the doors of the Locomotive Workshop, were massive lines and groups of people itching to get in.

And if you looked around, you could tell that this crowd was hungry for fashion and loved nothing else. The pretty and popular had come out to play for that warm night in Sydney wearing sky high heels and fancy dresses. And I mean, fancy. Most were dressed to the nines – they probably thought there was a red carpet with paparazzi waiting, whilst others were effortlessly cool, taking a leaf out of The Satorialist’s book of ultimate street style. But I did see one girl wearing a fur coat – in 30 degree weather?? That shit cray.

Moving on, the doors finally opened and after a bit of a wait for our media passes (We scored seats in the second row!), we went in to see waiters handing out canapes, wine, sparkling water, caffeinated energy drinks and bottles/cans of Appletiser. Two glasses of wine later and we decided to make our way to our seats and got comfortable, awaiting the start of the show.

Fashion Palette 2013 - Designers

Celebrating their 5th birthday, Fashion Palette hosted an exquisite night with a plethora of established and upcoming designers including Arthur Galan, Leona Edmiston, Akira, Twofolded, Nicola Finetti, Bettina Liano, Galanni, Zofara, Wild Pony, Saucy Rose, Chi the Label, Mackenzie Mode, Gemili Power, Niki Teljega, Twofolded, Chiquita Searle, Sharnee and Mossée.

I’ll be honest: I hadn’t heard of half of these designers prior to the event, and the only one I was really looking forward to seeing was Akira. But as the show went on, I found myself wanting to own more than a handful of the outfits that walked past us on the runway. Wow.

Fashion Palette 2013 - Two Folded

Fashion Palette 2013 - Chiquita Searle

Fashion Palette 2013 - Zofara

And there were a few themes repeating throughout some of the collections. Those who want to get a head start with their Spring wardrobes, expect to be injecting some floral, lace, graphic prints, structured suits, and lots of leather into your closets!

Unfortunately, we walked out without a goodie bag (it was reserved only for the front row), but I left the event with some new favourite designers!

Fashion Palette 2013 - Mossee

Fashion Palette 2013 - Nicola Finetti

Fashion Palette 2013 - Bettina Liano

Check out some of the standout outfits from the show below. Also, I should probably mention that most of the outfits I liked were those that you could actually wear off the runway… Highly unlikely that I’d be able to pull them off, but either way, enjoy this visual feast in the meantime. 🙂

Fashion Palette 2013 - Wild Pony

Fashion Palette 2013 - Sharnee

Fashion Palette 2013 - Niki Teljega

Fashion Palette 2013 - Akira

*Runway photography by Esteban La Tessa.
Special thanks to Fashion Palette for the invitation.