Diplo x GTA: Boy Oh Boy (Missy Elliott Rework)

Missy, Missy, Missy, where have you gone? I miss Missy Elliott's music. She needs to get back into the studio ASAP. In the meantime, Diplo and GTA have chopped up and remixed her classic, Work It. This rework was premiered on BBC Radio’s Diplo & Friends late last year, but they’re currently offering a free download if you like GTA’s Facebook page.

Diplo x GTA - Boy Oh Boy (Missy Elliott Rework)

This tune is such a club banger! Yeah, I said it. Granted, I haven’t been to a “club” in ages, but this one makes my head nod and immediately puts me in that mood to go dancing. Maybe tonight? Doubt it. Haha.

It’s been so long since Missy Elliott released some new tunes, and whilst this tune of hers isn’t exactly new, this rework of her hit ‘Work It’ by Diplo and GTA will tide me over for a little while.

Daaaaaammmmnnn. ‘Boy Oh Boy’ hits all the right notes.

It’s been a while since I’ve heard Diplo do anything blog-worthy too so my aural senses are pretty happy with this remix he’s done with GTA.

Listen to it, and download it for free when you ‘like’ GTA’s Facebook page.

Hope Missy hears this mix and releases something new soon!