Concert Review: Oddisee and Olivier St. Louis at Civic Underground

Last weekend, following the performance of Ta-ku's sold out show at GoodGod, I rushed over to the Civic Underground to catch hip hop artists Oddisee and Olivier Daysoul perform live, which definitely made for an overall night. Check out my thoughts of their performance together, showcasing songs from Oddisee's debut album, People Hear What They See.

Oddisee and Olivier Daysoul at Civic Underground

Last Saturday evening/early Sunday morning, after seeing the great Ta-ku perform at GoodGod, I left quickly after his set and rushed over to the Civic Underground to catch the one and only Oddisee perform. With Olivier Daysoul accompanying him onstage, I arrived just after their set started. Phew! Didn’t miss too much. What a hectic night!

Although there was an impressive line-up of support acts on the bill that night at the Civic, I’d seen most of them at previous gigs during the past six months, and the only act I was really looking forward to on the bill that night was the headline.

The fellas were in town promoting Oddisee’s debut album release, “People Hear What They See”, playing shows all across the country, and I have to say, that the album is still in my top 10 of albums released last year. I still go back and listen to it every now and then.

Oddisee - People Hear What They See

Here’s a little background of the record:

“This album is about influence, inspiration, perception & reality. Every song was written in an outside environment, so that I could observe the subjects that would become my subject matter. All too often in Hip Hop, reality is limited to that of the artists own, actual experiences. People Hear What They See is my attempt to liberate the MC from those constraints & allow reality to be penned other than my own. Listening to congressmen & lawyers converse on the steps of the supreme court inspired ‘American Greed’, Watching a couple argue over the phone in a bar inspired ‘Maybes’. By having a visual representation of my subject matter, my hopes are that the listener will see them through the worlds & melodies of my songs.”

Such a smart album – in terms of songwriting, that is. Every song had a different story or theme attached to it, yet all 13 songs on the record tied in together with each other so well. Absolutely loved it. If you haven’t already done so, purchase it NOW.

Oddisee and Olivier Daysoul at Civic Underground_2

Meanwhile, back to the review. I love the persona that Oddisee is able to illustrate through his performances and raps – both on the record and live on stage. He pretty much tells it like it is – through his music. I just love the honesty he portrays.

Early on in the set, Oddisee dropped my favourite track from the album, ‘Let It Go’, which I just had to capture. I just love the message of this song – especially when that hook comes around. He also performed ‘You Know Who You Are’, which is another favourite of mine but I was hoping for the acoustic version. I’ve listened to that acoustic version so many times, I almost didn’t recognise the beat when they performed the studio version! Anyhow, check out a live performance of ‘Let It Go’ below.

Oddisee – Let It Go (Live in Sydney) from the5to9life on Vimeo.

You’ve got to let it go/ Sometimes you’ve got these problems on your mind/ & you should always know/ That people will tell you, you’ll solve them, you’ll be fine/ But I don’t believe that, you see that’s/ A way of being lazy, if you want it got to get it/ & you fronted & you quit it/ Than you’re nothing but a victim in a system that we live it/ but forgiven if you want to try again/

Halfway through the set, Oddisee took a short break, and the other man on stage, Olivier Daysoul, who was impressing the crowd with his backing vocals and guitar skills, switched positions from the side to the middle of the stage to perform a couple of his own songs. Hitting the crowd with a couple of slower jams, the audience suddenly went quiet as they listened to Daysoul show off his set of pipes, but the excitement was not lost. I’m sure some people in the audience had hoped that he had more time in the spotlight.

Oddisee and Olivier Daysoul at Civic Underground_3

As the boys were there promoting the album, they obviously sang a lot tunes from the record, but I was pretty excited to hear Oddisee drop some of his earlier work into the set including one of my all time favourite tracks from him, ‘Paralyzed’. Watch it below. Olivier also didn’t do so bad as Bon Iver. Ha.

Oddisee Ft. Olivier Daysoul – Paralyzed (Live in Sydney) from the5to9life on Vimeo.

Overall, a great performance.
And although it was a bit of a crazy night for me, it was indeed a memorable one.

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