Blu & Exile Ft. Andy Allo: Ease Your Mind

It's time to Ease Your Mind for four minutes. LA's Blu & Exile have released some visuals to their new single which is laced with the beautiful voice of Ms Andy Allo.

Blu & Exile Ft. Andy Allo - Ease Your Mind

I know I’m pretty late on this piece of news, but it was only this week that I found out that one of my favourite MC’s – Blu – and his partner in crime, Exile, are heading to our shores next month! Yay! I am very much looking forward to this show. 2013 is definitely looking up as far as live gigs are going. So many top acts already and a few more on their way. Can’t wait!

Until April rolls around though (Hit up for all the official details.), Blu & Exile are tiding fans over with their newest visual off their latest record, “Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them”.

Featuring the vocal stylings of the gorgeous Andy Allo, ‘Ease Your Mind’ is a pretty chilled tune with Blu’s smooth flow over Exile’s equally mellow and relaxed production on the song.

BLU & EXILE – EASE YOUR MIND from david m. helman on Vimeo.

I have a confession: When the collaborative LP was first released, I didn’t listen to it from beginning to end, like I do with most records I purchase. Although it doesn’t say it on the track-listing, when I heard that my girl Andy Allo was featured on this track, it was the first song I pressed play on. And I instantly took a liking. Pretty stoked that the boys have released some imagery to accompany it!

In the video, we see Blu on a boat hanging out, drinking, rapping and just straight chilling, but for the record, (although it’s been said on other blogs) the girl in the video is not Andy Allo. Would have loved to see her featured in this video though. Sad face. Oh well. Maybe on their next collaboration.