Blood Orange: Pheonix – Entertainment (Remix)

Phoenix's new single is given a downbeat makeover by Blood Orange, with a little help from a certain re-formed girl band. If you've heard the original tune, you would have noticed there was a slight sadness to the track. Blood Orange has taken that element, leaving it to bubble on the surface with dreamy synths, a slow burning rhythm, guitar solos and sweet vocals from the group formerly known as the Sugababes. If you like what you hear, the remix is currently available for a free download.

Blood Orange - Pheonix - Entertainment (Remix)

It’s been all about the music this long weekend.

This one comes from Blood Orange aka Dev Hynes aka that guy who co-produced one of my favourite records from 2012, “True”, from Solange Knowles aka Beyonce’s younger sister. Did you catch all that?

Well here’s a little more info to confuse you:

Hynes has chosen to remix French band Pheonix’s new song ‘Entertainment’ adding in extra vocals from Mutya Keisha Siobhan, whom back in the 90s were once known to the pop world as the Sugababes. Remember them?

Hynes has been working with the UK ladies in the studio and with an extra solo from Hynes himself, he embellishes the inherent sadness of the original tune into a slow burning masterpiece with dreamy synths and soulful vocals.

The original (which you can also listen to and compare below) sounds like the band is masking a deep sadness, as told by vocalist Thomas Mars as he sings “Oh, I’d rather be alone”, despite the upbeat feeling of the melody.

‘Entertainment’ is from Pheonix’s new record, “Bankrupt!” which is due for release on April 22nd.