Ta-ku – 25 Nights for Nujabes: Night 23

Night 23 is simply gorgeous. The influence of the Japanese producer is evident throughout the entire track and the result is rather poetic.

25 Nights For Nujabes - Night 23

A beat a night for 25 nights in dedication to Seba Jun.
Night (23)*. I know this has been out already, but i REALLY wanted this joint to be on the 25 Nights too.

Is it possible for a track to sound pretty? Because that was my initial thought when I first heard ‘Night 23’. Mainly due to that piano running through the entire track…

Strip back the beats a little and it almost sounds like a lullaby. Something out of a fairytale that was read to you as a child. To me, that’s pretty. I guess being female, I can get away with this description. Ha.

Apparently this is another recycled tune from Ta-ku but it doesn’t matter to me. It fits in with the rest of the Nujabes sound and that’s what this is all about, isn’t it?

Gorgeous tune. Superb production.

*I checked. The caption above is the same as Night 22 and it was done on purpose. As an editor/writer, I had to change that one digit though. Sorry Reg.