Ta-ku – 25 Nights for Nujabes: Night 22

Night 22 goes on longer than the other Nights, but that's for good reason. Listen and try to decipher what's lurking between all the different layers within this one. An old tune - according to its creator - but a new tune, to this writer.

25 Nights For Nujabes - Night 22

‘Night 22’ is a very melodic piece.
Pianos, harmonies, beats, the sound of rain..??

So, so, so many layers on this track.
So many different sounds.
My mind woke up a bit from trying to decipher what all the different layers were made up of, but one thing I know for sure: the production and the fusion of all these sounds is really quite beautiful.

Yes, it’s definitely a longer piece than most of the others that have been released for the “25 Nights For Nujabes” project – lasting for almost 5 minutes – but it only feels right that it should go on for as long as it does.

Judging from the caption of ‘Night 22’, it seems that this is probably some old beats that Ta-ku dug up from the archives, but this is my first time hearing it and I have to say, I am in love with it. Truly.

“A beat a night for 25 nights in dedication to Seba Jun.
Night 22. I know this has been out already, but I REALLY wanted this joint to be on the 25 Nights.
– Ta-ku.