Subculture Club: The Pursuit of Deliciousness

Here's a short documentary for all those who really love their coffee. Subculture Club is a documentary-style show that takes you on an exploration of lifestyles and communities that are not typically known or experienced by all. Subcultures are emerging into the mainstream in the digital age of connectivity. Check out this episode where they explore into the world of coffee.

Subculture Club- The Pursuit of Deliciousness


To be honest, I never touched the caffeinated drinks until I started working full time a few years ago. And even then, it began as just a social thing. But now, I don’t know how I would start each working day without a coffee at my desk in the morning. It’s become such a routine.

And the smell and taste of a hot cup of coffee (Which is pretty rare to find these days – let’s be honest.) is just indescribable sometimes – especially when you know you’ve found a good one.

Subculture Club gives you an inside look at three of their favorite specialty coffee companies. Starting off at the roasting plant for LAMILL Coffee, then they visit the headquarters and cupping room at Blue Bottle Coffee Co. in Oakland, and finally take you to the roasting works at Handsome Coffee in downtown Los Angeles.

The things that happen in a coffee house are really something else! Watch and see how the taste, the look, the smell, the pour, the perfect cup and the traditional experience of coffee is created by some of the experts in the business.

“The social interactions and the social meaningfulness of coffee culture is a powerful thing.” Agreed.

Mmm… makes me want to go out for a coffee run now. 🙂