Product Review: Crumpler’s 6 Million Dollar Home

As it's a new year, we're introducing something new for the blog, and for the first time, The 5 to 9 Life has a guest blogger: Wesley Leung. As a budding photographer / videographer, Wesley never thought to have a camera bag for his tools, but he was recently given the opportunity to test out Crumpler's '6 Million Dollar Home' camera bag. Read on for his thoughts.

Crumpler - 6 Million Dollar Home

As a videographer, you don’t trust anyone or anything with your camera. You and your camera are one.

For the past few years that I’ve had a camera, I’ve never thought about buying a camera bag. I’ve seen bags specifically made for cameras fail miserably in practicality, accessibility, functionality and aesthetically. I’ve seen cameras fall out of camera bags because the zippers can’t handle the weight. So from seeing all those experiences, all this time, I’ve been wrapping up my camera in my own makeshift padding gear and shoving it into my beloved backpack.

As protected as it was hidden underneath many layers of padding in my huge backpack, accessibility was a problem. A lot of my jobs are usually at weddings or require me to be mobile and honestly, as much as I love padding up my own backpack and burying my camera gear in it, mobility was an issue.

My friends at Crumpler felt my pain, and to shift my paradigm of what a camera bag should be, I was given the opportunity to put the “6 Million Dollar Home” to the test. Would it be worthy?

Crumpler - 6 Million Dollar Home_2

Crumpler - 6 Million Dollar Home_3

One of the main reasons I never really purchased a camera bag before was, to be honest, none of them ever looked good. If you wanted it to look good, you would have to skimp a bit on quality, and if you wanted super quality, you would have to skimp on the aesthetics. It seemed like in the world of photography and videography, the uglier your gear is, the more professional you are.

My “6 Million Dollar Question” is: ‘Why can’t they make camera bags that are of good quality and good looking?’

So when Crumpler sent me the “6 Million Dollar Home”, I was a little skeptical. At first glance, I judged it by its cover. ‘Black again. Camera bags just don’t get very creative’, but on closer inspection, as I opened up the cover, the trim was neon green. My decision performed a pendulum swing to the other side. ‘Sold’. Black with a neon green trim, safe and professional – with character!

Crumpler - 6 Million Dollar Home_4

Crumpler - 6 Million Dollar Home_5

The fact that it was a shoulder bag already meant that accessibility would be a lot easier than my current backpack. The amount of pockets and room inside the bag provides easily accessible and flexible space for your memory cards, extra batteries, chargers, extra lenses and with the adjustable straps outside you can even pack a lightweight tripod or monopod.

Crumpler - 6 Million Dollar Home_6

Crumpler - 6 Million Dollar Home_7

The inside of the bag packs enough padding to protect all your lenses and gear individually so theres no chance of scratched gear, and the outside is a tank against all elements. So whether rain, hail or shine, you can be sure that your camera will be drier than you.

Needless to say, the “6 Million Dollar Home” has won over my heart. I can leap onto rocks and strange spots for those unpredictable wedding shoots and documentary style shoots with my “6 Million Dollar Home” instead of carrying my 29L bag.

Crumpler - 6 Million Dollar Home_8

Crumpler - 6 Million Dollar Home_9

The “6 Million Dollar Home” is priced at $160.00AUD, and is definitely one of the most sturdy, protective, and good looking bags I’ve come across. It’s perfect for the lightweight to midweight photographer who shoots with one or two lenses.

If you’re a lightweight photographer or a hobby photographer and you don’t really need that much space, do not worry, Crumpler has all your needs covered, just check out their website.

*Words and photography by Wesley Leung.