Paris 96: Afternoon

Paris 96 is Theophilus London and Jesse Boykins III. Having worked together during the early stages of their careers, the two talented fellas have decided to reconnect as Paris 96 and as their first offering, here is their single Afternoon. Keep an eye out for their EP in April.

Paris 96 - Afternoon

Theophilus London and Jesse Boykins III.

Did you know the two talented artists used to write songs together when they were both coming up? Can you imagine it?

Well, here’s your opportunity to do so!

“Theophilus thought it’d be the perfect time to reconnect and make music together. Their new music is a fresh take on soul with a seductive panty dropping vibe.”

Hmmm… interesting description. Ladies, what do we think? 😉

“You light up just like the moon.”

‘Afternoon’ is lead by a smooth beat, packed full of melodic elements and some subtle, yet hard hitting drums. Theophilus and Jesse show off their respective skills rather nicely too.

Expect a “Paris ’96 EP” coming out soon in April.