KOOKAÏ: The Colour of Night (A/W 2013 Collection)

NEWSFLASH: Your Autumn/Winter wardrobe is about to be injected with a dose of sexy! Check out the latest range from KOOKAÏ and their campaign featuring none other than New York based Australian model Nicole Trunfio.

The Colour of Night (A:W 2013 Collection)

Gorgeous model Nicole Trunfio is back for the second season as the face of KOOKAÏ‘s newest collection for their 2013 Autumn/Winter range, aptly titled ‘The Colour of Night’.

The Colour of Night (A:W 2013 Collection)_2

The Colour of Night (A:W 2013 Collection)_3

“The Autumn / Winter collection features textured fabrics such as leather, lace and tweed in key looks of suits, shifts and skirts – along with hero accessories pieces such a fedora’s & baseball caps. The KOOKAÏ shoe collection makes a return following the summer success with an extensive boot collection in a variety of colours.”

The Colour of Night (A:W 2013 Collection)_4

The Colour of Night (A:W 2013 Collection)_5

The new range from KOOKAÏ once again proves that the Australian fashion brand is ahead of the curve, taking out the boring hues of greys and blacks usually found in many Winter wardrobes, and instead replacing those hues with berry tone colourways, a little bit of denim, some printed motifs, pops of citrus tones and lots of leather!

The Colour of Night (A:W 2013 Collection)_6

The Colour of Night (A:W 2013 Collection)_7

Can’t wait to see this collection in KOOKAÏ stores… which apparently, it already is! Quick, head to your closest store and update your wardrobe now!