Karl Lagerfield: Public Garden

A Chanel project by Karl Lagerfeld. A promenade, in the park captured in three days’ time.

Chanel Presents Public Garden By Karl Lagerfield

Shot at the Rodin Museum in Paris and directed by Karl Lagerfeld, this silent black and white short film is set over the course of three days and tells the story of two young women (played by models Lindsey Wixson and Stef Van Der Laan) who develop a brief crush on a handsome man (played by Brad Koenig).

Filmed and edited in the style of a traditional 1920s 8mm film, the six minute short is set to a piano soundtrack by musician Charlie Alex March and serves to showcase the elegant and playful Chanel Spring/Summer 2013 collection, which is available worldwide now.

I love the idea of the short film concept where we don’t necessarily need words or subtitles to accompany the story. Just watch it and eventually, the story unfolds for itself.

Karl Lagerfield – such a clever man!