JR: Blow Up

Renegade artist JR spreads his work around the globe in filmmaker Matt Black’s latest short film. Now a TED Prize-winner, semi-anonymous JR is shaking things up at the moment with a new project whereby he allows everyone to print and post works in their own neighborhoods, all for free.

JR - Blow Up

“Blow Up” is a new short documentary by NOWNESS contributor Matt Black focussing on the TED Prize winning photographer, JR, who grew up in the suburbs of Paris exhibiting his work in what he called ‘Street Exhibitions’.

His massive iconic images can now be found hand-pasted “to crumbling buildings, trains, garbage trucks and bridges, whimsically reclaiming the urban landscape”, as well as some more traditional spaces like Centre Pompidou in Paris and the Los Angeles MoCA.

Watch the short doco below!

JR: Blow Up on Nowness.com.

JR’s desire to show indivuduals at a highly localised level has struck a chord with both his subjects and those who have simply experienced his art on the streets. Introduced to art in an organic way himself, JR sees the streets as the “biggest gallery in the world”.

So much talent.

A simple concept – blown up!
No pun intended.


It’s kind of uncanny to me that JR is an artist that is blowing up around the world, and yet somehow still manages to fly under the radar.

JR recently joined the online world of Artsy whom were lucky enough to take a sneak peek into the insights of the artist’s mind via his studio.

Haven’t you always wondered about an artist’s environment? I certainly have. These pictures bring us one step closer and I have to say, it’s rather fascinating!

In The Studio with JR