J-Louis: All About the Panties (That Mara Hruby Flow)

A song originally from Mos Def was covered by softly spoken singer/songwriter Mara Hruby in 2010, and this year, Mara Hruby's version has been remixed by new artist J-Louis.

J-Louis - Balanced

Mos Def is an admirable artist and performer. He is one of Brooklyn’s finest MCs and I’ll admit ‘The Panties’ isn’t one of my favourite tunes from the hip hop artist.

But when I first heard Mara Hruby’s cover of his hit, ‘The Panties’, I immediately fell in love with her voice and it made me go back to listening to the original. Hruby’s sound is organic, distinct, melodic, and eclectic, wrapped up in elements of vulnerability and fragility. A totally different sound to what we are introduced to with Mos Def’s hip hop realm.

And now, in 2013, the song has been remixed by Joshua Louis aka J-Louis.

The result?

I’ll be honest. I’d never heard of J-Louis before this tune turned up, but he’s definitely made me take notice with this little flip of ‘The Panties’. I’m really digging it.

It’s a great beat over the beautiful vocal samples of Mara Hruby.

Listen and compare the original with the cover and the J-Louis’ remix below. đŸ™‚

Mos Def – The Panties

Mara Hruby – The Panties (cover)

J-Louis – All About The Panties (That Mara Hruby Flow):

‘All About The Panties (That Mara Hruby Flow)’ is available as a free download and is the first single from J-Louis’ EP, “Balanced”, which is soon to be released on February 22, 2013.