H∆SHTAG$ Episode One: Don’t Call It #AltRnB

An interesting watch through a new online series of episodes / documentaries about how the Internet' has influenced the current state of certain genres. The first episode looks at how RnB is defined and labelled in the internet era. What do you think - is alt RnB a thing?

H∆SHTAG$ Episode One- Don't Call It #AltRnB

The Red Bull Music Academy have been working on a series of mini-documentaries that explore different themes in relation to themes and movements in the music biz today due to the phenomenon of the world wide web.

Their first episode, ‘Don’t Call It #AltRnB’, looks at how RnB is defined in this era and features Miguel, How To Dress Well, electronic producer and former half of The Weeknd, Jeremy ‘Zodiac’ Rose, Toronto songstress Rochelle Jordan, her producer KLSH, and BadBadNotGood.

“How has the Internet inspired and galvanized this new breed of artists? Have online communities and media been too quick to label genres and movements? What does the future hold for the many strains of the R&B genre? Journalists and bloggers Melissa Bradshaw (The Quietus), Erik Kirtley (Indie R&B) and Alex Macpherson (The Guardian) weigh in on the implications and (mis-)interpretations too.”

Though the webisode is only 12 minutes, it’s a pretty interesting watch.

Rochelle Jordan said something that really resonated with me: “The internet has just exposed so much with music. You know it doesn’t have to sound the same. Yes, you can be different, [so] talk about some real shit.”

This doesn’t necessarily apply to just music though. On a broader senese, it can be applied to all aspects of life. Not everyone is the same and we don’t all have the same opinion on things. Just be real. Be yourself and tell it like it is and if you have to do it through a creative medium, then do that. But if you can voice it – then talk about that real shit.

H∆SHTAG$ will be exclusively streaming each Wednesday on www.redbullmusicacademy.com, beginning January 30 and running through early March. Hit up the trailer for what to expect in upcoming episodes and the new web series below and be sure to tune in each week!