Black Cab Sessions: Solange with Dev Hynes

The Black Cab Sessions is a series of one-song performances by musicians and poets recorded in the back of a black cab and filmed for an online audience. Solange and Dev Hynes perform Bad Girls from their latest EP, True, with stunning results.

Solange - True

I’m a big fan of Mrs. Carter (aka Beyonce), but I am an even bigger fan of the younger Ms Knowles – Solange!

Her latest EP, “True”, was one of my favourite records of 2012 and I still have it on repeat these days. Although the record is predominantly about heartbreak (Producer Dev Hynes’, not her own), it’s a record that was made with catchy, funky beats laced with some damn good songwriting. And that voice. Gorgeous!

The first single, ‘Losing You’, was a big hit amongst critics and fans alike, but the rest of the album is just as good. There is not one bad or just okay song on that EP. Truth.

Check her out performing one of my favourites ‘Bad Girls’ (Although I love them all!) from “True”. Love.

BCS SOLANGE V2 from Black Cab Sessions on Vimeo.