Amin PaYnE x Ben Bada Boom: Coast 2 Coast

Taken from their upcoming collaborative EP, Amin PaYnE and Ben Bada Boom have released their first track together in the form of Coast 2 Coast. Stayed tuned for more info and music from their EP: Collision.

Amin PaYnE x Ben Bada Boom- Coast 2 Coast

I’ve been aware of this new tune from Amin PaYnE for a couple weeks now, but the only reviewing of music I’ve been doing lately is that of Ta-Ku’s “25 Nights For Nujabes” project, so any other music I’ve read about or received hasn’t been given a proper listen.. My apologies.

BUT that was clearly a bad move on my part because ‘Coast 2 Coast’ by Amin PaYnE and Ben Bada Boom was clearly slept on.

Catchy catchy catchy. I absolutely love it!

That beat and the funky vibes that it’s producing is just truly something else. It’s not what I expected when I pressed play. Damn. That hook is going to stay in my head for a while… I’ve pressed that play button a few times now hehe.

‘Coast 2 Coast’ is taken from an upcoming EP from the talented fellas that is due for release sometime in 2013. If the first taste of their EP, titled “Collision”, is as good as this track right here, then I’m hoping for an early release date!

“From Australia to Germany to the World.”