Ta-ku – 25 Nights for Nujabes: Night 13

Night 13 brought out the critic in this writer. A different vibe does not necessarily mean good vibes. Just saying. But that's just this writer's opinion. Listen to Night 13 and let us know what you think.

25 Nights For Nujabes - Night 13

“A beat a night for 25 nights in dedication to Seba Jun.
Night 13. No drums, something a little different.

‘Night 13’ definitely brings something different to the table.

I’ll be completely honest. I’m not too keen on the vocal sampling chosen for this track. It is a little distracting to the rest of the song, which is rather beautiful.

If you can, try to imagine this Night without the vocalist. I just think it would be so much better with just the instruments.

This is probably the first Night where I have not been completely impressed upon the first listen. Oh well, can’t love them all, right?