Ta-ku – 25 Nights for Nujabes: Night 9

'Night 9' is a smooth track that creates some great vibes. Check out Ta-ku's latest efforts from the 25 "Nights For Nujabes" project.

25 Nights For Nujabes - Night 9

‘Night 9’ is another impressive tune. The element of the bass featured towards the middle of the song adds a little more soul to the “25 Nights For Nujabes” project, compared to the mellow tracks Ta-ku‘s been releasing thus far.

Ta-ku described this release as a ‘simple lullaby’, but my thoughts are that it’s very smooth and somewhat seductive. I love that bass. Crank it up! Hehe.

“Night 9. Weekend got hectic so uploading 9 (&10) now. Simple lullaby for Night 9. Vibe out.