Ta-ku – 25 Nights for Nujabes: Night 3

Ta-ku began a new tribute series this week, much like his previous ’50 Days for Dilla’ records, but this time, has decided to commemorate the late Japanese virtuoso Nujabes (anagram for his real name Jun Seba). With a new beat released every night for 25 nights, it [already] has been and will be interesting to see what he comes up with. And this is only the third night...

25 Nights for Nujabes - Night 3

Ta-ku previously paid tribute to hip-hop legend J Dilla with his “50 Days For Dilla” project, in which the talented producer crafted 50 tracks inspired by Jay Dee’s unmistakable production aesthetic and tireless work ethic. Actually, make that 100 tracks – seeing that he released a Volume II shortly after. His ambitious project was set apart from the myriad of other tribute efforts out there by the sheer quality and inventiveness of his work.

And now, he’s in the midst of creating a similar project, “25 Nights for Nujabes”, dedicated to the one and only Seba Jun.

Nujabes, world-widely known as an innovator, has left a great impact on today’s hip-hop scene and is known for blending jazz elements to his creations, resulting in a rather mellow, yet nostalgic sound.

The inspiration of Nujabes is definitely felt in Ta-ku’s work and is evident within the third night.

Listening to ‘Night 3’, it proves to me that sometimes – especially in this instance – that words/lyrics/raps/verses/whatever are not needed to be layered over the top of these great instrumental pieces. Very smooth.

This direct homage, so far, has been just one of many indications of how well the Perth creative ‘knows’ his subjects.

“25 Nights For Nujabes.
A beat a night for 25 nights in dedication to Seba Jun.
Night 3. Didn’t have as much time last night 🙁 a lil something something tho.
Enjoy.” [sic]
– Ta-ku