Ta-ku – 25 Nights for Nujabes: Night 11

Perth creative Ta-ku is truly something else. 'Night 11' of the dedication project to Japanese producer Seba Jun really brings a different, more positive vibe, compared to the rest of the project so far. Read on and listen to Night 11.

25 Nights For Nujabes - Night 11

“A beat a night for 25 nights in dedication to Seba Jun.
Night 11. Some melody loops and a change up at the end. <3 Enjoy."
– Ta-ku

Ta-ku has done it again, creating a quality track that brings a totally different mood and feeling to the “25 Nights For Nujabes” project.

‘Night 11’ goes on for much longer than the other nights released thus far in the dedication project to Nujabes. Maybe Ta-ku was really inspired on this particular night? Who knows and who cares really, because this track is fiiirrrree. Hehe.

And that little switch up towards the end? Wow! Kinda makes you want to dance, doesn’t it? Well, I did. 🙂