Artist Spotlight: Sean McCabe

Sean McCabe creates beautiful hand lettering and typography designs, using motivational / life quotes. The complexity and creativity of his work almost makes it impossible to believe that a person can draw with such intricacy and accuracy.

SM - Chronic Creator

I. Absolutely. Love. This.

Combining my love of art, typography and quotes, Sean McCabe has done just that with his latest project, ‘Hand Lettered Quotes’. The man in question is a San Antonio, Texas-based designer who is clearly passionate about hand lettering and typography, and is also meticulous with details, expressing an attentive eye for precision, balance and composition in his work.

SM - Life Is Like Photography. We Develop From The Negatives

SM - Take Time Today To Appreciate

The quotes used – although some I’ve heard before – are personal, yet relatable, adding a wise or witty touch, and is lovingly penned with so much detail.

SM - Don't Wait For Inspiration

SM - Take A Risk

“As a kid I thought I was pretty strange. I always found myself drawing letter forms throughout middle school and high school. My homework was littered with typographic illustrations. The artistic friends I had all seemed to draw cartoons, or paint still life, but for some odd reason I was drawn to letters. I just really enjoyed hand lettering.

“In general, most people see words and read sentences to derive meaning. I saw letters as beautiful as shapes and curves with forms full of beauty. It wasn’t until years later that I discovered that I had a love for what was known as “typography”. What a feeling of relief and excitement all at once! I discovered that not only was I not some strange person with a deranged affection, but that there were also thousands of others who shared the same love for type. The internet has a unique ability for making one feel less weird.” – Sean McCabe.

SM - IDEAS The Good Ones Only Come When You Don't Expect Them

SM - It's Always Coffee Time

SM - Letters and Music

I instantly fell in love with his work when I first laid eyes on it – and the ones I’ve chosen to show here are just a small percentage of the pieces he has created! Check out the entire collection on his website.

SM - Don't Resort to Imitation

SM - Life Isn't About Avoiding Risks

SM - Let Me Tell You A Story