Rihanna: Stay (She’s Finally #1 Bitch MeLo-X GodMix)

MeLo-X is one talented man, hands down. From his ingenious collaboration with Jesse Boykins III to his own flawless material, Mr. X is quickly making a name for himself as a music virtuoso. In his latest creative feat, he takes Rihanna’s beloved ballad, 'Stay' off her "Unapologetic" record and adds his mightiest touch to the track.

Rihanna x Melo-X

Normally, I wouldn’t post about Rihanna. Her overtly nature to sell sex is getting way out of hand in my opinion, but I recently heard Melo-X’s remix of her track, ‘Stay’, on his soundcloud and as much I want to hate it, I’m actually kind of loving it. ūüėź

I haven’t even heard the original version of this track yet, but this remix is fiiiiiire. I think it’s clear that I really do love my beats if I’m posting a Rihanna track. Honestly, every time I hear someone sing that ‘Shine bright like a diamond’ hook of her ‘Diamonds’ track, my fists clench up and I just want to start punching. Haha, it’s just so damn annoying.

But this. ‘Stay’. Melo-X has definitely added his magical touch to it. The man from Brooklyn remains an artist that is under the radar despite consistently dropping great music. His crazy drum patterns certainly adds an energetic edge of whiz-bang urgency to Rihanna‚Äôs moving confessional. I don’t care what the original track sounds like. I’d be rather content just hearing this version.

Listen and download below.

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