Record Review: Andy Allo – Superconductor

Unlike the title of her first album, Andy Allo's songwriting is refreshing and is so needed in music right now. With her new record, "Superconductor", her voice is sweet, soft and sultry with an edge, but her lyrics and songwriting skills are what really shine. Not bad for Prince's protégé.

andy allo

It’s not everyday that you receive an email from one of your favourite (American) singers to review their record, but during my birthday week, that’s exactly what happened to me.

Those who keep up to date with me via my Facebook page, you’ll know that I was recently in Melbourne for a whirlwind 48hrs and off the back of that trip, I was sitting at the airport for my flight back to Sydney when an email arrived in my inbox that left me completely speechless! I still can’t believe it.

Andy Allo - Superconductor

My girl Andy Allo sent me an email (via her people) to review her latest record, “SuperConductor”. You may have remembered, I reviewed her new single, ‘People Pleaser’, recently. That hook still gets in my head some days. ‘I used to be a people pleaser, but I had a change of mind…’

As I listened to the album, I can tell you that I was quite excited with the songs featured on this new record. It’s been forever since she released something new, and thankfully, there are still elements of her first album, “UnFresh”, noted on “Superconductor”, which was executively-produced by the one and only Prince!

Andy Allo is an honest songwriter and storyteller, and she is definitely telling a story with this record.

Standout tracks for me? It was a little difficult to break it down to just a few, but the one track I can’t help but listen to over and over, is ‘Long Gone’. Such a beautiful track, accompanied with an acoustic guitar, the lyrics obviously illustrate a relationship gone wrong, but some of the lyrics could be applied to many parts of your life. It definitely hit me when I was listening to the track whilst consumed/distracted by so many other thoughts in my head.

Other than ‘Long Gone’, and ‘People Pleaser’, Allo’s voice really shines on the slower jams on this record such as ‘The Calm’, ‘Nothing More’, and ‘Story of You and I’.

Allo brings the funk and soul with ‘Yellow Gold’, and ‘If I Was King’, two tracks which really showcases the talent of the band, Prince’s New Power Generation, and the skills of the legendary saxophonist Maceo Parker and Trombone Shorty. And according to Allo’s Facebook page, ‘Yellow Gold’ will be the next single to be released. Looking forward to seeing the music video for that!

Whilst I am not completely in love with the title track, the rest of the album was rather impressive, but I was quite disappointed to find out that it stopped after only nine tracks.

“Superconductor” is the sophomore effort of a young artist who is clearly going to be here for a long time, and the start of something musically fresh. Says Allo, “I created a genre called Alter.Hip.Soul for my first album, “UnFresh” (2009), whereas the compositions for “Superconductor” incorporate a variety of layers and a whole lot of Funk.”

Check out a live performance she did recently on Good Day New York of my absolute, favourite track on the album, ‘Long Gone’, a song co-written by her mentor Prince.

“For your information,
Despite temptation
I’m turning in my resignation
I’m gone.
I’m long, long, long gone.

I need to find a new location
Where I,
I belong…”

Purchase Andy Allo’s “Superconductor” via iTunes here.