Pow Wow Hawai’i 2013

"POW WOW IS A GATHERING OF CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS THAT ENGAGES WITH THE BROADER COMMUNITY IN THE PROCESS AND CREATION OF ART. The beauty of art is most commonly enjoyed during its final stage. All the blood, sweat and tears happen behind closed doors. However, that is where the real grandeur lies. The process. Imagine for a moment a gathering of internationally renowned artists in one place. A place that will allow them to do what they do best: be creative. We give them the tools, the space and the freedom to paint for one week. We make that process open to the public, allowing them full engagement and interaction between the artists and their audience. They witness the creativity in its entirety and become an essential part of the artists’ process. It’s about the breaking down of those closed doors and making art accessible. Now take a step further and imagine transforming a whole neighborhood with art within a week. Seeing creativity happen all around you from beginning to end and bringing people together through the act of putting paint on surface. A POW WOW." This idea and message continues in 2013 next month.

Pow Wow Hawai'i 2013

One of the world’s biggest annual street art and culture festivals, Pow Wow, is returning in February to Hawaii. Now for one of those ‘if you didn’t know, now you know’ moments: the festival itself is renowned for producing some of the best murals and exhibitions in the world. AND it’s curated by one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet – Jasper Wong.

I’ve been lucky enough to have known Jasper for a couple years now, having worked with the ACCLAIM team for their annual CARBON event (Which is due to be happening within the next few months- yay!), and not only is he a seriously super nice guy – he’s also one of the more talented street artists out there.

But back to the original point: Pow Wow Hawaii 2013.

“POW WOW Hawai’i is gearing up for its fourth showing in February 2013. With countless renown international and local artists converging on the city of Honolulu, expect even more art to populate the streets of Kaka’ako. Alongside a group exhibition of new works from all the participating artists, pop up shops, lectures at the University of Hawaii, youth art and music workshops, and a big block party to cap off the week’s worth of events.”

Pow Wow Hawai'i 2013 - February

The line-up already includes international artists Dabs Myla (Melbourne), Faith47 (South Africa), Dal (China), Scribe (Missouri), Yoskay Yamamoto (Japan), Hannah Stouffer (SF), Andrea Wan (Vancouver), Jeff Soto (LA), Madsteez (LA), Eric Marcinizyn (Delaware), Nychos (Austria), Roid (London), Mare139 (NYC), Suitman (Hong Kong), Wonderlust (Melbourne), Alisa Ross (Missouri), Askew (New Zealand), Shark Toof (LA), Neonski (SF), Apex (SF), Jase (SF), Jim Mahfood (LA), David Flores (LA), 123Klan (Montreal), Flying Fortress (Germany), Jeff Hamada (Vancouver), Meggs (Melbourne), Rone (Melbourne), Phibs (Sydney), Sam Rodriguez (San Jose), Trek6 (Miami), Poesia (San Jose), Erik Otto (SF), Peap Tarr (Cambodia), Lisa Mam (Cambodia), Orly Locquiao (San Jose), Mark Bode (SF), and Chaz Bojorquez (LA).

On top of that epic line-up, there’s also a host of local talent on the bill including Prime, Estria, Slick, Katch, Ckaweeks, Ekundayo, Beak, Bam, Solomon Enos, Angry Woebots, Lucky Olelo, Shry, Justin Park, Soker, Eukarezt, Hanasaurusrex, Michelle Schwengala, Ian Kuali’i, Remi Mead, Kris Goto, Dana Paresa, Emily Sewell, Keith Kanagusuku, Sierra Dew, Nikila Badua, Bother, Puff, Mung Monster, East 3
Matt Ortiz, Roxy Ortiz, Kamea Hadar, Jeffrey Gress, Jasper Wong, Geto, Ketol, Maek, Devour, Rival, Biest, Look, Haboh, Mean93, Dmize225, and Ohana.

The even crazier thing? There’s new artists announced/added to the list almost on a daily basis! Pretty insane, huh?

Hit up the videos below to see what went down during last year’s event and if you can book a ticket to go next month, I highly recommend that you do! Hawaii tickets are always on sale, aren’t they? 😉

POW WOW HAWAII 2012: Part I from Pow Wow Hawaii on Vimeo.

POW WOW HAWAII 2012: Part II from Pow Wow Hawaii on Vimeo.

POW WOW HAWAII 2012: Part III from Pow Wow Hawaii on Vimeo.