Mr. Bingo: Hate Mail

Currently receiving a lot of attention for his cheeky series, "Hate Mail", Mr. Bingo is a London-based illustrator who, in return for a small fee, will send you an abusive and offensive illustrated message on the back of a vintage postcard. His sharp tongue and wicked words have attracted some impressive clients, including The New York Times and comedian Jimmy Carr, as well as a book of the same name published with Penguin. Not for those who are easily offended.

Hate Mail - Matt

Is there someone in your life that really rubs you the wrong way?
Do you want to make them feel like absolute shit?

I’m sure a name (or two) popped up in your head just as you read those two questions being asked of you.

Well good news!
There is a solution: Pay Mr. Bingo a small fee to send that person(s) some hate mail.

Most messages that he writes/creates are rude, some are funny, and some are just downright nasty. Check out the select few that are somewhat safe (?) to post that shouldn’t offend most people who read this blog, and if you do, lighten up and find the humour in it people!

Hate Mail - Julian

Hate Mail - Ben

Hate Mail - Chris

Hate Mail - Mark

Hate Mail - Becca

Hate Mail - Alexa Chung

For the others, check out his website, or buy the book for you or that certain someone that you just wanna bitch-slap.

Do it. I won’t tell anyone. 😉