Internet Explorer: Child of the 90s

Microsoft hit me right in the heart with their latest advertising campaign for Internet Explorer. Instead of touting the promises of the future, the Washington-based company looked to the past to bring users up to speed with its latest browser. Titled Child of the 90s, the video more or less sums up my childhood in the span of 1 minute and 40 seconds.

Internet Explorer - Child of the 90s

I know so many people that loathe using IE aka Internet Explorer and I admit, on some days, I am one of them. Whilst I am provided with the option of Safari, Firefox and Chrome on my MacBook to do my writing and blogging, at work in my 9-5 world, they still, I am embarrassed to admit, use Internet Explorer (and I mean, the old crappy version).

But this advertisement had me smiling as I reminisced about the era I grew up in. I’ll admit, my music playlist is still stuck in the 90s most days (and I’m happy to defend that fact), but the content within this ad from Microsoft had me remembering all about those good ol’ days.

The days of yo-yo’s, tazos, trolls, floppy disks, slap bracelets, tamagotchi, super soakers, Hungry Hungry Hippo…

If you’re a 90s kid, you’ll understand. 😉

I’m not telling you to convert your ways and go and upgrade your web browser to IE. I’m just telling you to watch this, and reminisce with me.