Frank Warren’s Post Secret Australian Tour 2013

Do you have a secret? Would you be willing to share it on a postcard for millions around the world to read? Frank Warren, the most trusted human being on the planet and creator of an ongoing mail project, in which people mail their secrets anonymously on a homemade postcard. And lucky for us down under, Warren is finally bringing the Post Secret shows are finally bringing their tour down under in April!

Post Secret Australian Tour

It’s finally happening.

After years of checking the Postsecret website every Sunday on the lookout for new secrets, creator Frank Warren is finally bringing his events down under for a national tour, and I, for one, am particularly excited about it! I honestly cannot wait to see what the show will bring and how the Australian audiences will relate to such a phenomenon of anonymous secrets.

“The global blog phenomenon, PostSecret, is a community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on the side of a homemade postcard. More than 500,000 exclusive personal secrets have been sent to Warren in recent years – spanning sexual confessions and hidden acts of kindness, to criminal activity and hilarious admissions. Anyone can contribute, following three simple rules: the secret must be true and must never be told to anyone else and it needs to be on a postcard.”

I’ve seen the YouTube videos of past events in the States and I’ll admit, most of those shows had me rather emotional and teary by the end of it. Some of the secrets revealed are funny, and some are sweet declarations of love to their families and partners, but most of the secrets revealed are pretty sad and somewhat depressing, evoking emotions that you [may have] never knew existed within you.

These events are usually interactive, and Warren tends to invite members of the audience to come up on stage and reveal secrets of their own. Whilst in this aspect, it’s not exactly anonymous, it is more of a chance to let something off your chest. Something, that you may have been keeping with you for a long time that you’re finally ready to let go in the form of words – and in front of an audience of strangers.

Unfortunately, for those residing in Brisbane and Sydney, the shows are already sold out (But I managed to score myself a couple of tickets! Woo.) Tickets for Melbourne and Perth are still available though! Hit up the details below.

Very much looking forward to seeing this! 🙂


SUN 14 APR 2013
The Tivoli (SOLD OUT)

TUE 16 APR 2013
Enmore Theatre (SOLD OUT)

THU 18 APR 2013
Hamer Hall (BUY TICKETS)

SAT 20 APR 2013
Astor Theatre (BUY TICKETS)

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