Record Review: Amin PaYnE – Cosmic Disfunktions

Electronic, funk and hip-hop. This is the fusion of sounds that you'll hear when you listen to all 13 tracks of Amin PaYnE's debut record, "Cosmic Disfunktions". Like the sound of that? Read on for my review!

November 30 was a big day for me. In my calendar, I had two big events pencilled in:
1. To review the gig of Apollo Brown, David Dallas, Suff Daddy, P-Money and Chasm (Review coming soon.);
2. It was the official release of Amin PaYnE’s debut record, “Cosmic Disfunktions”, through French label Cascade Records.

Although I was only introduced to the music of Amin PaYnE halfway through this year (via his work on the “Dusty Milk Crates” compilations), I have quickly become a big fan of his work.

I’ll be honest: I was quietly anticipating the release of this record, ever since PaYnE announced the date, and because he was constantly posting teaser tracks on his Facebook page. Nice strategy there. Though my favourite release of his to date, What Love Is, wasn’t to be included on the record, I was still interested in seeing what was.

The result? A satisfying listen.

Kicking off the record with ‘Extraordinary featuring K. Saba’ was a great decision as it really sets the tone for the rest of the album. Loved the use of the sax! Following on from that, other tracks that caught my attention were ‘Love Dust featuring SilentJay’, ‘Waiting For Her’ and ‘You’re the Only Star’.

Karen Morales is also a local talent from Melbourne with a beautiful and soulful voice that you all should watch out for, and so I was quite excited to find out that she was featured on the record with the track, ‘Soul’s Desire’. Check out more of her work here.

The last track rounding off the record, ‘Infinite Horizon’ also kept the funk alive, with fragments of the Soul Train scene back in the days. Definitely a funky number, and one of my favourites. A special mention also goes out to the bonus track, ‘No Reason’, which reminded me of how good of a record the first of the “Dusty Milk Crates (Volume I)” compilation still is! Needless to say, I switched over to Volume I soon after “Cosmic Disfunktions” ended on my playlist. So good!

But back to the review… Although I received an exclusive preview of the record before its release, I still went and purchased it, because I believe in supporting good music. And Amin PaYnE’s debut, “Cosmic Disfunktions”, is definitely good music.

COSMIC: Transcending through future and electronic elements via synthesizers and drum machines.
DISFUNKTIONS: Fused on disco & funk sampled/inspired music, together with modern and the 80’s sound.

COSMIC DISFUNKTIONS, an album that flows fluently through infused sounds of smooth melodies, crunchy drums, luscious sax and guitar riffs. A changeable 13 track album compiled with a taste of a down tempo melodies, funked out heavy bass and uplifting beats.

Forever grateful to have talented guest appearances from local and international artists, much love to SilentJay [AUS], K*Saba [NZ], BEN BADA BOOM [GERM], Roughsoul [AUS] and Karen Morales [AUS].

2012 brought me through a great musical journey, feeling blessed to finally share with you this release that I personally feel is my best work yet. Many thanks to Cascade Records, Sal Martin, all the artists involved on this project and of course for those who support and keep on, hope you enjoy this. One love.

Amin PaYnE”

Purchase your own copy of the record here.