Product Review: Crumpler’s The Vegetable from Inside the Mountain

Upon my return from the States, Crumpler sent me a new backpack - The Vegetable from Inside the Mountain - to test out. Check out of my review of the colourful backpack that was designed specifically for the ladies.

The Vegetable From Inside the Mountain: The longest name for a product – ever. In my opinion, that is. Haha.

You all know why Crumpler decided to go with that name, and now I’m about to give a review of the backpack that took me by surprise.

I received the backpack upon my return from the States, and was excited to find out that The Vegetable From Inside the Mountain was designed specifically for women, and packed with plenty of features – as is always the case with Crumpler bags! ๐Ÿ™‚

I have to say, The Vegetable From Inside The Mountain, has been my favourite of all the bags that Crumpler have sent me!

The comfort experienced and the pretty colour palette were the top two factors for me when I tested out the bag recently.

“Featuring an adjustable form with a fitted padded shoulder harness which is carefully body contoured and padded for comfort, the fully adjustable ergonomic harness distributes weight evenly across your shoulders โ€” and only your shoulders!”

And it really is only on your shoulders! The bag features a padded sleeve for your 13″ laptop with a velcro fastening cover, and along with packing my very own 13″ MacBook Pro, I also filled up the bag with all the things I needed for a day at the office – and I carry a lot on a daily basis!

Lifting the bag with one arm via the ‘integrated grab handle’ feature, the bag felt really heavy, but when I wore the bag on my back with both straps on my shoulders, I could really feel the support that it provided. It literally felt like there was very little in the backpack! An honestly, amazing feeling. I was very surprised and definitely a very happy customer! ๐Ÿ™‚

“The vented rear padding system keeps fresh air circulating between the bag and your back, wicking away perspiration and leaving you dry and comfortable.”

More surprises ensued inside when I discovered more pockets, a foldaway drawstring shoe bag and an emergency purse (that I admit, I’ve transferred over to the other bags I wear to work – very handy!).

Other exterior features that are pretty special are the soft and smooth surface of the lightweight, no catch, no scratch clothes-friendly material, that is made of extensive use of polyspun twill nylon and is also water-resistant; the hooded external features; and of course, Crumpler’s lifetime guarantee.

Retailing at $165, The Vegetable From Inside the Mountain is worth every dollar spent! Ladies, this is one that should be a definite gift choice for Christmas – either for a friend or for yourself! Spoil yourself! ๐Ÿ™‚

*Special thanks to Crumpler.