Miles Bonny x Ta-ku: As You Sleep On My Lap

Before taking a break for the holidays, Ta-ku posted some new music online this week, including this collaborative track by him and US artist Miles Bonny. A letter to Bonny's daughter, 'As You Sleep On My Lap', is a collaborative effort that results in a timeless and soulful sound. The cover art on this track is really fitting too. Love it all. Listen to the track NOW.

Miles Bonny x Ta-Ku

Our latest interviewee has done it again. Released last week, the day after my birthday in fact, ‘As You Sleep On My Lap’ has had me pressing play over and over as I write away at home. Definitely been in the zone this week and new tunes from Ta-ku is definitely proving to be a great soundtrack to my writing sessions.

This track is sooo beautiful – lyrically – and against Ta-Ku‘s unique beats? Wow. I’m a fan. Makes me want to look up more of Miles Bonny‘s work. And the story behind the song is even sweeter.

“Song was recorded whilst Miles Bonny’s daughter fell fast asleep on his lap.
[A] Letter to his daughter.”

‘As You Sleep On My Lap’ didn’t make the final cut of the EP, and I think that’s rather unfortunate, but it definitely makes me think of what did. Looking forward to its release in 2013.

Nice job fellas.