Karen Morales: On & On (Acoustic Cover)

Melbourne based singer Karen Morales tries her hand at taking on a classic Erykah Badu track. Have a listen and see for yourself if she does the song justice.

Karen Morales

If you’ve read my latest review of Amin PaYnE’s “Cosmic Disfunktions”, you would have noticed that I was excited to hear the voice of Karen Morales featured on his debut record.

Erykah Badu’s ‘On & On’ has been given a new lease on life with a piano-accompanying cover by Melbourne’s own Karen Morales.

Stripped down and made over, Morales’ vocals really shine on this track. The cover really showcases her soulful voice.


Try and imagine this cover without the piano piece behind it though.

I really think Morales should have released this as an acapella, or with the acoustics of a guitar. The piano really dominates her voice on some parts of this track, but I am impressed by her take on one of my favourite Erykah Badu tracks. Nicely done.