Julian Sartorius

A beat a day keeps the doctor away. That seems to be the case with Berlin drummer, Julian Sartorious, who attempted to make beats each day of the year 2011 (that's 365 beats!), and as a result, was able to present us with "The Beat Diary".

Julian Sartorious - Beat Diary

Word is getting out that I’m leaning more towards the sounds of beats than any other genre (lately, that is) because last week, I received an email from a guy in Berlin, Germany who reads www.the5to9life.com! Was pretty stoked by that piece of news! 🙂

But through our interactions with one another via email, he’s also been introducing me to the sound of another beatmaker on the horizon, Julian Sartorious. Cool name, as far as first impressions go.

But what about his art?

Julian Sartorious

“A beat a day for one entire year: The mission that Bern based drummer and sound forager Julian Sartorius began on 1st of January 2011. The results were released on a daily basis on his blog from January to mid-July – the rest of the year’s beats temporarily remaining undisclosed. The recorded tracks were created without electronic effects, samples or loops: every single hit was actually played, all the sounds are real – only overdubs were used, as Julian has no more than two hands to work with.”

If you’re a fan of JDilla, Aphex Twin, the club, the Black Atlantic, sounds from the congotronic and minimal music, then it’s highly likely that you’ll like the sounds of Julian Sartorious.

“These beats will create knots in the brain, being highly encrypted at times, and still will lead to contemplation and make you want to dance. Long story short, these productions expand listening habits without any effort.”

Have a listen of a few snippets of the beats he made during that year.