Epokhe is a new sunglass brand that film-maker Kai Neville and surfers Dion Agius and Mitch Coleborn have dreamt up. Epokhe Eyewear is quality, function, and art, all wrapped up into one.


Epokhe (pronounced Ee-pok-ee) has come to define itself as a brand that is clean and simple, creating modern eyewear which draws on classic styles, and establishing a range that is as timeless as it is relevant.

And isn’t that what we all want in a brand these days?

“Created by three mates – one filmmaker (Kai) and two surfers (Mitch and Dion) – who wanted to create their own brand, in-fact their own world based on something they really believed in. Creating an eyewear brand grew rather organically for the trio who were determined to add something ‘fresh’ to the eyewear market after constant disappointment of not being able to find a street-style pair of glasses they liked.”

External world (1.0) from epokhe on Vimeo.

“Epokhe’s first range External World 1.0 is based on the idea of suspension of the external world. Each style has a story behind it and is a good representation of the surfer owners themselves.”

Available online, worldwide, get ready to suspend yourself from the external world.