Product Review: Bellroy x Capsule ‘Note Sleeve’

Simple. Clean. Quality for money. These are three attributes that the 'Note Sleeve' from the Bellroy x Capsule collaboration offers. Read on further for my review of the product.
Before: The wallet that I use on a daily basis. Note the bulkiness, all the card components and the coin pouch! đŸ˜›

Before I kick off this review, let me say this: Wallets designed for ladies are very much different to the wallets designed for men. I was put to the test last week and experienced the significant difference between the two when the good people at Capsule sent me their newest collaboration with accessories brand Bellroy.

But let’s get back to the review. I know I raved on about the presentation of the collaboration, but I was still a little surprised to hear of the news that I would be receiving the Note Sleeve!

Above, I’ve shown you a photo of the wallet I use on the regular, that pretty much contains my life. ID cards, bank cards, business cards, cash, and lots of coins! So to see the minimal compartments that the ‘Note Sleeve’ offered was a bit of a shock – as far as first impressions go.

Was it a sign that I needed to de-clutter my life and simplify the contents of my wallet? Maybe.

For now, I decided to test out the ‘Note Sleeve’ for the week. Continue reading for my thoughts.

So what was the result?
To be completely honest, it was a little difficult at the beginning. The coin slot could not fit as many as I usually hold, which raises the question ‘Where do you fellas keep your coins on a daily basis?’ I remember having this conversation with friends a couple years ago, and I still don’t know the answer. Haha.

As for the ‘Note Sleeve’ itself, it wasn’t so bad. I did declutter my wallet, but in a sense I was also forced to do so.

These are the contents that I ended up having to carry for the week because not only was it because I didn’t need the other items for that week, but it was all I could fit! Damn.

The guys at Bellroy are all about designing wallets that are slim, envisioning their products with minimum construction to reduce the bulk that most people carry around in their pockets these days. This was definitely the case with the design of the ‘Note Sleeve’.

But I have to admit that, towards the end of the week, I found myself eventually having to bring a separate coin purse to fit all the change that I received during the week. Haha. Sorry boys, I simply do not know how you do it, or what you do with all that loose change!

But all in all, it wasn’t so bad. The ‘Note Sleeve’ was definitely not designed with a girl in mind, but if you want to make your man happy and simplify his life a little, I suggest a great Christmas present in the form of the Bellroy x Capsule ‘Note Sleeve’. Remember, there’s only 50 pieces available!

*Special thanks to Capsule.