Vans The Omega x TEDxCanberra

Working within the event theme of ‘An Optimistic Challenge’, Vans the Omega showcased his unique talent in the often polarising world of graffiti art, live, in a stripped-back performance that saw the artist create a new mural of artwork in less than a day, with over 600 event attendees watching on.

Another great and creative individual has been showcased at a TED organised event! Remember my personal story/proud moment of high-school friend Ali Kadhim?

Not many can touch the skills of graffiti artist Vans the Omega. This video gives a glimpse into how the Adelaide based artist does what he does best. As the Art Installation Partner for TEDxCanberra, CRE8IVE commissioned Vans the Omega to paint throughout the day. What ensued was an crazy display of aerosol art. Check it out and be amazed.

Vans The Omega @TEDxCanberra by CRE8IVE from CRE8IVE on Vimeo.

“TEDxCanberra is the perfect opportunity for CRE8IVE to further demonstrate our commitment to the arts. Our ‘Optimistic Challenge’ is that great art and design should be celebrated and enjoyed in whatever form it takes. Art is a way to look at things differently and when you do that, new ideas are born. Business supporting art is an idea worth spreading.”